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Welcome to Fashion Balloons Inc located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We offer unique balloons decorations for corporate and private events. Contact us today to get the best price for the most amazing balloon decorations in    South Florida.

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With every customer Fashion Balloons Inc looks for new and unique ways to take balloons decor to the next level. Our goal is to make sure that when guests come to your event they say one word “WOW”. We implement an individual approach to each customer, because we understand that each celebration is unique and requires its own special touch. 
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Our Organic Balloons  Garlands are the BEST SELLER of 2022. They are made with different size of balloons tied together in a beautiful pattern.  Organic garlands can be freestanding (up to 10 feet long) or  can be attached to a backdrop (provide your own or get one from us!) or to a wall with command strips. Always check with the venue whether they allow using any type of attachments to walls.

Clear bubble balloons wrapped in LED strings is absolutely amazing decor element that will brighten up any party. 

We offer two type of Balloons Backdrops: all balloons and drapery backdrops with balloons framing. Your backdrop can be customized with a wood name cutout or a special wish. Both types of balloons walls come in different shapes and styles, contact us to get more information on what type of backdrop will fit your event and budget the best. Backdrops can also be used as a part of desert table setup, as well as beautiful background for taking memorable pictures of your important day.

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Any balloon or a backdrop that we make can be customized with a name, logo or a personal note! To add a personal touch to your party decor, click below to order.

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